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 Fashion Beyond Limits

A fragrance that will keep heads turning

A parfum so truly unique, worn on a day to work or spray this timeless essence to an evening extravaganza.

Make Téssad your trademark, one spritz at a time.


You can take it with you on all your travels and wear it on any occasion. A parfum that can be taken from day to night; from a day at work to an evening extravaganza. It is truly a unique, timeless essence.

We Hear Your Love


This Parfum is definitely a game changer and a show stopper. As a frequent traveler, my favorite distinction is that I can bring the contents on my carry-on through TSA hassle-free. Thanks to its long wear element and unique fragrance, it serves multiple purposes fitting in for professional events, date nights, and ones daily tasks.

Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Achieve Growth


Welcome to the house of luxury parfum for both men and women.


Inspired by its rich and known history, this collection contains a  well-known ingredient called Oud. Its aromatic and complex scent is valued for its woody and warm notes that have been mixed with other key elements to create its unique and one-of-a-kind scent. Both parfum are oil based, which carry over its longevity and durability to last.


Contains notes of Oud to resemble power and high living, as well as accords of cedar and sandalwood to give it longevity and a timeless aroma.

Mother by Téssad

This parfum features Oud to resemble strength and power with notes of toffee and vanilla accords to bring sweetness and joy.

Top Picks

Take it with you to all your travels and wear to any occasion. Inspired by royalty, this parfum is bound to evoke its truly unique aroma.

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