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 Fashion Beyond Limits

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At Téssad we strive to provide top quality parfum products and authenticity. We take pride in our reputation of providing luxury parfum at an excellent value for our consumers.

Our mission is to offer top-tier luxury parfum for both men and women that sustain the values and lifestyles of everyone. Our ingredients are sourced from the highest quality natural and sustainable resources found in the finest luxury brands and sought by top perfumers around the globe. We are proud to say, we are Made in U.S.A!

We truly believe that essences and aromas are important elements to a person’s life and self-expression; and Téssad commits to evolve and share its passion.


Who we are:
At Téssad, our vision is to become your house that fulfills your fashion needs originating as a brand that offers inconceivable essences that represents exclusive individual expression.

What we do:
We take pride in being able to demonstrate resilience through the toughest times, sustained by efficient and dependable processes that allow us to continue to grow creatively and ingenious.

Where we plan to go:
We strive to become the house of fashion. Where men and women can express themselves wearing different elements one look at a time.

Brand Mission

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