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 Fashion Beyond Limits

Make a Difference Today

I am Bryan Lasanta, CEO and Founder of Téssad ™®. Pursuing exclusivity since 2012, I have continued to strive to provide my clients with a mark like no other. At Téssad, I seek to elicit caliber and dissimilarity in my work. Confining to barriers and stigmas, in my designs and fragrances, is not what we are about. I hope to awake your curiosities and adorn your liveliness with my ingenuity. I look forward to you becoming a manifestation of our mark.

Meet the Designer

Bryan Lasanta has certifications in Fashion design, pattern drafting and construction specialist amongst many others. He was granted his Associate of science degree from Valencia College where he focused his studies in business management and received awards for marketer of the year. Bryan continues to pursue his Bachelor degree in business communication at the University of Central Florida, which he is soon to complete, in hopes to build Téssad into his empire.
Bryan enjoys exploring new cultures and regions grasping elements of inspiration for his designs and building memorable trace of essence to fuel his fragrance collection aura.

Exceeding All Expectations

At Téssad, I seek to elicit caliber and dissimilarity in my work. Fashion beyond limits.

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